RFL teams up with Eniquest

Eniquest Case Study – “Compact, rugged and highly efficient generator sets”

Eniquest is an Australian leading manufacturing company that specialise in remote area power and independent energy solutions.  They provide quality, cost effective, reliable power production equipment for a variety of industries and applications.

The company is innovative and keen to adopt new efficient and environmentally responsible technologies and techniques for power production. Their systems use highly efficient technology providing a DC base with an AC inverter, and use technology that is widely recognised as the most efficient and safe way to produce and store electricity.  Eniquest have developed products that integrate with renewable energy devices to keep fuel usage to a minimum.

Eniquest has been providing reliable power distribution, providing DC Generators, AC Generators and Auxiliary Power Units to the Australian Military for over 10 years.  The relationship built with the Australian Military demonstrates Eniquest’s recognition of the need for reliable, compact and light weight power generation products. They have gained a reputation for providing power solutions that can perform efficiently and reliably in the harshest conditions.

Eniquest uses innovative power production technology to meet the ever growing industry challenges of today. Like Eniquest, RFL Alternators understand the evolving requirements of industry today and in the future and work to provide machinery that is more fuel efficient, more reliable and more innovative than currently available



RFL Alternators is a world class manufacturer of high quality permanent magnet RF2 AC2 pole series alternators which feature the powerful Magnetic Flux technology embedded in the permanent magnetic design.  The alternator is lighter in weight, has a 40% smaller footprint and is 92% more efficient than traditional wound rotor machinery.


The challenge

To further service the evolving needs and challenges faced by the Australian Military, Eniquest needed to source a highly efficient, robust and compact alternator to use in the manufacture of generator sets for military applications.


The solution

The highly efficient and compact design of the RFL alternator allowed the total generator set package Eniquest would provide to be much be smaller both in terms of size and weight.

The novel design and lack of any electronic components met the Military’s criteria for durability and the RFL Alternator is inherently compliant with MIL-STD-461 or electronic magnetic compatibility.

These qualities allowed Eniquest to service the Australian Military with technologically advanced 8kW and 16kW generator sets that meet their criteria for lower cost, low fuel consumption and superior reliability both today and in the future.

In collaboration Eniquest and RFL Alternators make a well matched team – utilising RFL’s lighter more efficient and rugged technology Eniquest would be able to provide the Australian Military with a superior, highly efficient and tough generator set to meet it’s ever growing needs.Eniquest workshop

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