No need to compromise, more power using less fuel

When transporting perishable goods over land or sea, keeping the refrigeration unit operating at an optimal temperature to preserve the quality of perishable products across the supply chain, is vital. Failing to do so, will result in degradation and microbial growth increasing the risk of cross-border noncompliance with safety legislation and will cost businesses millions of dollars’ worth of lost cargo.

Associated with this guarantee of safe delivery, is the enormous cost of operating multiple containerised units continuously, for days on end across varying climatic conditions. Genmark is a leading expert in the transport field, and over the last 20 years has continually delivered innovative solutions which cannot be found in other generator set products.


The situation/challenge

With a deep understanding of industry challenges, Genmark identified a need for better quality high performing generator sets which were compliant to industry standards and could be relied on 24/7; as well as provide more power and be cost effective to run. High fuel consumption is a significant financial cost to transport companies, and the associated environmental impact along with the high importance to be able to service the unit easily.

For this product innovation to be successful, Genmark needed to seek out an alternator partner which had a product offering which was leading edge, and both reliant and willing to partake in being part of a comprehensive process starting at prototype development, testing phase, through to full-scale manufacture.

When approached by Genmark, RLF Alternators was very excited to be presented the opportunity to be part of a quest, to develop a Genset product which would be the flagship benchmark in the refrigeration transport industry,” say Jason Clegg, Managing Director, RLF Alternators.


The outcome/solution

The new Genmark generator set range was designed around the attributes of the world class RFL alternators. These alternators feature the powerful Magnetic Flux technology embedded in the permanent magnetic design. Rather than the traditional wound rotor with permanent magnet end, this new design allows the length of the rotor to reduce significantly. Consequently, the alternator is lighter in weight, has a 40% smaller footprint and 92% more efficient. With no electronics this eliminates the risk of electrical failure which is often an occurrence with other models on the market.

As an industry leading manufacturer RLF Alternators developed features specific for the refrigerated transport industry, and they include a unique bearing cassette which enables the main bearing to be changed in situ quickly and easily; without removing the alternator from the generator set.

Another additional feature was the high quality marine grade coating applied to the stator winding to ensure the alternator could withstand the rigors of extreme heat and icy cold conditions.

Eric Breddels, Director, Genmark BV said “these uniquely designed RLF alternators have been integrated across the Genmark product range. RLF alternators feature no electronics, which eliminates the risk of electrical failure, uses less fuel providing a massive cost saving to our customer. Eric went onto say “Genmark now has a solid point of difference in the market with RLF alternators integrated in our generator sets”.

These durable Genmark generator sets are smaller in size and weight therefore easy to move around, easy to service and extremely fuel efficient with savings up to 20% when using the by-pass function. This by-pass feature allows the Genmark generator set to run without electronics, thanks to the inbuilt RLF alternator.

The Genmark Clip-On generator set solutions are designed to keep the fuel consumption low and the performance high. With low fuel consumption, the fuel tank is smaller and therefore the Genset is lighter in weight. It also features standard pin mount system with clamp mounting option guaranteeing fast assembly.

The Genmark Undermount range is designed to keep the weight low and high performing. With adjustable mounting beams, makes it possible to fit the unit in the best possible position on your chassis.

Finally, the unique Genmark Modular product suite can fit almost any chassis and will often fit chassis locations where other standard generators will not fit. It has low weight and soundproof.

With the assurance of RFL permanent magnet alternators inbuilt in every Genset, Genmark continues to deliver leading edge solutions, which are unique to the transport industry.



We are extremely excited about the opportunities the refrigerated transport segment continues to offer. The technical requirements needed, RFL can ideally match and Genmark is a well-connected organisation with a deep understanding of customer requirements and the reefer industry. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.” say Jason Clegg, Managing Director, RLF Alternators.

“The RFL alternator range has helped us to develop a durable generator set for the transport market which is unique in its kind. We offer an efficient solution which operates without electronics, uses less fuel while providing more power.” says Eric Breddels, Director, Genmark BV.


Modular Generator Set

modular set

Genmark Modular generator set with can fit almost any chassis and features inbuilt RF4 permanent magnet alternator with ground breaking magnetic flux technology.


Clip on Generator Set

clip on generator

Clip-on Genmark generator set with 400 litre fuel capacity with inbuilt RF4 permanent magnet alternator with ground breaking magnetic flux technology.


Undermount Generator Set

undermount generator


Genmark Undermount generator set can be fitted in best possible chassis possible and includes the inbuilt RF4 permanent magnet alternator with ground breaking magnetic flux technology.