Magnetic Flux Technology

Using Magnetic Flux technology, RFL alternators are more durable, smaller and lighter and more energy efficient. The new wave of permanent magnet alternators has revolutionized the market with significant cost savings to business

  • Utilising the most powerful rare earth commercialised Neodymium magnets
  • Enables the generator set to use less fuel while producing more electrical power
  • The patented embedded permanent magnet design negates the need for complex electronic controls enabling higher reliability

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Magnetic Flux technology

RFL Alternators have been manufacturing alternators for more than 12 years and delivering high quality products around the world. RFL Alternators employ there own patented technologies to deliver a reliable, cost efficient energy platform for a variety of applications across multiple industries including but not limited to military, construction, refrigeration, emergency services, lighting towers, marine and hybrid power systems.

“The World’s Most Reliable Alternators”

Tony Wright
Chairman, RFL Alternators

You Can See

The Difference with RFL

30% Smaller Footprint

  • compact and light; total generator set packages now fit into smaller spaces less weight; so easier to move around

Up to 92% Efficiency

  • 15% saving in fuel, higher if operating a packaged generator set
  • higher efficiency at full loads
  • more power from the packaged generator set

No Electronics

  • increased reliable operation; longer life more durable; ideal for remote applications
  • unattended applications
  • easy to fit and maintain; lower installation and service costs

Superior Motor Starting

  • motor starting capability is 3.5 times rated capacity
  • ability to start single and three phase motors simultaneously

2 Year Warranty

  • reliability guarantee; 2 year warranty across the entire product range
  • quality assurance; all products test in Australia prior to distribution
  • meet industry quality standard; use the latest and most advanced testing equipment

Parallel Operations

  • versatile; run generators in parallel using basic phase matching controls only
  • wider out of phase angle over which the alternators will lock together;
  • avoids high surge currents and shaft shock economical; no special switching equipment needed – run small generators and supply large loads

What Our Clients Say

Part of the design for the mobile Makinex Generator sets required sourcing the right light weight components which were robust, reliant and had the grunt when needed. RFL Alternators worked closely with Makinex to provide technical guidance and expertise and continues to be valuable partner to the business

High quality and reliable products offered by RFL Alternators have always been a critical component in our machines. We are very satisfied with the products and service provided by RFL Alternators and look forward to more business cooperation in the future!


Seeing Real Results


Helping You

Make the Transition

We understand change is challenging, so no matter what industry, our technical experts can assist you every step of the way to make the transition seamless.

  • Guide you on design choices to suit your application
  • Cost benefit saving recommendations
  • Product selection and specification details
  • Installation guidance
  • After care advice

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