Kubota GL Series Refit by RFL Alternators

The objective of the case study is to highlight the advantages of RFL Alternators against the Sawafuji alternators – factory fitted in Kubota GL series generators (http://www.kubota.com.au/products/power-equipment/generators/gl-series/).


The tests conducted has been shared with users to understand the benefits of the Refit kit currently provided by RFL alternators.

Know a bit more about us

RFL Alternators Pty Ltd

Based in Sydney Australia, RFL Alternators Pty Ltd is a world class manufacturer of high quality permanent magnet alternators for the power generation industry. With over 25 years of investment into research and development, RFL prides itself in continuing to develop new and efficient cutting-edge technologies and products which are at industry’s forefront, and manufactures alternators to the highest of quality standards.


 The Kubota GL Series power generators is one of the most popular and best performing small range power generators sold and used in Australia. All the below factors make the Lowboy suitable for a number of applications from industrial to home and recreational use.

Low Noise Levels: The use of the larger capacity radiator on the GL-6000/9000 generators, with oversize muffler plus a lower fan speed ensures minimum operating noise levels. A matched air cleaner hose further reduces suction noise to make sure these generators are the quietest available.

Easy Maintenance: Control panels are centrally located and easy to use, providing full operating information at a glance. Single sided maintenance reduces the operator’s workload and makes checking the oil, fuel, cooling water and battery levels a simple operation. Transportability is enhanced with special forklift openings on the base of the unit as well as one-point lifting eye.

Safety Measures: The GL-6000/9000 generators provide covers for the engine cooling fan and generator for safer operation. An automatic shutdown is activated if water temperature is too high or oil pressure drops below a safe operating level and a Starter Safety System prevents engaging again after initial start.

Improved Reliability: The Kubota super mini vertical diesel engines are water cooled and have increased performance for dependable horsepower and when direct coupled to the generator, provide continuous power output levels with minimum power loss.


Sawafuji Alternators and market demand for simplicity

The factory fitted Kubota lowboy GL Series generators use Sawafuji Elec Co manufactured


alternator which are very well built, reliable and have been proven in Japan since a long time.

However, the alternators do require very high level of electronics and are extremely complicated in their design. Information on the alternators and other products from the company are limited due to the complex engineering and electronics on the product.

The alternators and particularly the AVRs have reported some failures under extreme weather conditions of the Australian continent. Time and again there has been a market need to refit the alternators in case of failures with a much more reliable product. The main reasons for such an opportunity are

  1. High labor costs at times make replacement of the Sawafuji alternators a much more viable option than repair
  2. Sporadic availability of spares and electric components asks for products with minimal electronics and ease of maintenance
  3. Rewinding of the sawafuji alternator in case of failures is very expensive
  4. There is lack of reliability in the alternators after rewinding


RFL Alternators and the answers provided

The RF series Radial Flux Generators are a single stator, single rotor permanent magnet design. The combination of novel winding techniques with innovative rotor and stator design gives the RF series significant advantage over current commercially available technologies.

The RF series generators are designed specifically to be compact, lightweight whilst remaining highly efficient. All materials used in construction are conventional, so as to minimise manufacturing cost whilst still providing the specified performance.

The RFL RF2-12.5 Bi-Gen is a technologically advanced PM brushless alternator, offering highest energy efficiencies while maintaining minimal physical size. It sets a new industry standard. Its PM design Brush-Less Internal Magnetic Voltage Regulation (No AVR or electronics) means that possible points of failure are kept to a minimum by eliminating traditional brushes and AVRs.

We found significant advantages when refitting the Kubota Lowboy GL 6000 with RFL alternators. The units registered 10% more power, 10-15% fuel savings and much better THD Levels


The Kubota Lowboy Re-fit Kit

Product Overview: The RFL Kubota refit kit is an ideal alternative for the Kubota GL6000 and GL9000 gensets.

The kit comes complete with:

  • RFL PMG alternator.
  • Mounting foot (1)
  • Adaptor housing (2)
  • Taper drive shaft (3)

Model Options and Specifications:

  1. RF2 – 7.5 KGL6: 7kVA / 7kW single phase 50Hz 3000rpm alternator suitable for Kubota GL6000 Lowboy Generator
  2. RF2 – 12.5 KGL9: 10kVA / 10kW single phase 50Hz 3000rpm alternator suitable for Kubota GL9000 Lowboy Generator

KEY BENEFITS – Magnetic Flux Technology operates without electronics, uses less fuel while providing more power.

  • Compact and light
  • More power
  • Longer life
  • Easy to fit
  • 15% saving in fuel
  • Low service costs

Please find the complete test procedure, test reports and summary here – Kubota Lowboy GL6000 Test Report

Click here for details on the Refit Kit – RFL Kubota Kit

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Focus Industry – Refrigerated Transport

Based in Sydney Australia, RFL Alternators Pty Ltd is a world class manufacturer of high quality permanent magnet alternators for the power generation industry. With over 25 years of investment into research and development, RFL prides itself in continuing to develop new and efficient cutting-edge technologies and products which are at industry’s forefront, and manufactures alternators to the highest of quality standards. Today, we are excited to share our experience and contribution in one of the most critical and fastest growing industries in the world i.e. Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain systems are crucial to the growth of global trade in perishable products and to the worldwide availability of food and health supplies. Each year, billions of tons of fresh food products and millions of dollars’ worth of exports are lost due to poor cold


chain systems in developing markets.

  • The World Economic Forum lists food crises as fourth on its top global risks of highest concern for the next 10 years.
  • Globally, billions of dollars are spent on improving agricultural processes to create higher food yields, but the fact that nearly half of all food never makes it to a consumer’s plate is largely ignored.
  • Additionally, over $260 billion of annual bio-pharma sales are dependent on cold chain logistics to ensure the efficacy of their products.

RFL Alternators in Transcool BV solutions

Key Facts and growth indicators in the cold chain logistics sector as a whole

  • Cold chain services that support perishable food distribution globally are estimated to be valued at nearly $250 billion.
  • Experts also estimate that cold chain logistics spending in support of bio-pharma industry is more than $10 billion and is expected to grow to $13 billion by 2019.
  • Asia alone contributes to $1.2 billion in growth.
  • The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of cold chain markets is anticipated to reach nearly 16 percent into 2019.


Infrastructure and Road Transport Network

The infrastructure within a country is a key aspect in a company’s selection of export markets. Transportation infrastructure must be capable of supporting the reliable distribution of a product within the country or region without excessive delays. The International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses has noted a strong correlation of cold storage capacity to a country’s transportation score in the World Economic Forum’s Transport Index.

Transportation costs are often the most challenging obstacles to suppliers in developing countries. In countries with

well-developed cold chains, most retail and franchise service providers outsource their supply chain operations to third party logistics providers (3PLs) and to other cold chain service providers that meet their requirements based on their products and business strategies.


Improving technologies in cold transportation has created a shift in transport modes

  • Flowers are increasingly being transported to the U.S. via ocean going vessels, rather than the traditional, more expensive air transportation option.
  • In fact, global shipments of all perishable products by ocean carriers has increased rapidly over the last 35 years.
  • Reasons for the shift include greater availability of refrigerated containers, improved facilities at ports and better technology options for monitoring shipments in route.
  • Air transportation is still a heavily relied on mode of cold transportation for many high value items, such as biologic and bio-engineered drugs which can cost as much as $100,000 or more.
  • The amount of biotechnology products that require cold chain has risen drastically around the world. Nearly half of the top 50 global drug products in 2013 required cold chain services.
  • Cargo challenges in air transportation have led to some pharmaceuticals shifting to sea modes in recent years.


Reefer Trucks or Refrigerated road transport trailers

Modern refrigerated trucks, known as reefers, are designed to be very versatile and can be configured in minutes to carry a wide variety of cold products. Many trucks can carry products of varying refrigerated temperatures by adjusting internal compartments to meet specific product temperature needs. Often modern trucks are fitted with GPS monitoring systems that can provide data on location and can help operators maintain the temperature in individual compartments. Individual trucks can cost between $30,000 to well over $150,000.

Refers require industrial designers and engineers to develop efficient refrigeration units for transportation vehicles and networks. The industry has developed few key systems/solutions with specific advantages and disadvantages

  • Primary engine – Air conditioner / Refrigerated system draws the power from the prime mover itself. The system is simple and cost effective, however may have limitations
  • Auxiliary Powerpack – Use of a secondary engine to drive the refrigerated unit
  • Clip-on refrigerated units – Units that can be fixed to the containers instead of being a part of the trailer.
  • Chassis mounted APU (Generator) – A generator is mounted under the chassis in a very small footprint which can run independently and is particularly efficient in fuel consumption

RFL Permanent Magnets in Transcool’s Generator Solutions

Transcool is a dynamic company that produces these custom-made generator sets (APUs) for the transportation sector. The goal of Transcool is to produce sustainable machines with a high energy efficiency level.

After building various prototypes, Transcool succeeded in producing a generator set able to power two refrigeration sets at the same time with a fuel consumption of only 2.2 litres of diesel per operating hour. This is achieved by tuning the unit in such a way that there is sufficient power at low engine speeds (1,500 rpm). All the generator components units were carefully placed during the development to improve serviceability.

Transcool have engineered our permanent magnet alternators into their generator sets. In so doing have managed to design a very robust, compact and fuel-efficient product for the refrigerated transport industry

Innovation with regards to the packaging – Transcool have achieved rapid uptake in a short time reflective of the market place acceptance of the product. More power from drive engine and less fuel consumption.

The design of highly efficient permanent magnet generator set that exceeds industry standards, is smaller and lighter that equivalent models. We also looked at common problems of existing designs and found the durability of the RFL permanent magnet alternator to be a key point of improvement.

Our RF4-20 and RF4-30 permanent magnet alternators are smaller and lighter while being around two thirds of the length of competitor alternators. The durability of the RFL permanent magnet alternators has seen zero failures, (ie no electronics). The increased efficiency has enabled the complete genset packaging to be smaller and lighter as less fuel storage capacity is required.

Transcool have designed and built an innovative and industry leading generator set and RFL Alternators are proud to partner with Transcool in trying to change the industry landscape. If you want to know more about such case studies and how we can help solve your problem at hand, please feel free to write to us as well.


For more information on our permanent magnet alternator range, please visit our website or contact us.


No need to compromise, more power using less fuel

When transporting perishable goods over land or sea, keeping the refrigeration unit operating at an optimal temperature to preserve the quality of perishable products across the supply chain, is vital. Failing to do so, will result in degradation and microbial growth increasing the risk of cross-border noncompliance with safety legislation and will cost businesses millions of dollars’ worth of lost cargo.

Associated with this guarantee of safe delivery, is the enormous cost of operating multiple containerised units continuously, for days on end across varying climatic conditions. Genmark is a leading expert in the transport field, and over the last 20 years has continually delivered innovative solutions which cannot be found in other generator set products.


The situation/challenge

With a deep understanding of industry challenges, Genmark identified a need for better quality high performing generator sets which were compliant to industry standards and could be relied on 24/7; as well as provide more power and be cost effective to run. High fuel consumption is a significant financial cost to transport companies, and the associated environmental impact along with the high importance to be able to service the unit easily.

For this product innovation to be successful, Genmark needed to seek out an alternator partner which had a product offering which was leading edge, and both reliant and willing to partake in being part of a comprehensive process starting at prototype development, testing phase, through to full-scale manufacture.

When approached by Genmark, RLF Alternators was very excited to be presented the opportunity to be part of a quest, to develop a Genset product which would be the flagship benchmark in the refrigeration transport industry,” say Jason Clegg, Managing Director, RLF Alternators.


The outcome/solution

The new Genmark generator set range was designed around the attributes of the world class RFL alternators. These alternators feature the powerful Magnetic Flux technology embedded in the permanent magnetic design. Rather than the traditional wound rotor with permanent magnet end, this new design allows the length of the rotor to reduce significantly. Consequently, the alternator is lighter in weight, has a 40% smaller footprint and 92% more efficient. With no electronics this eliminates the risk of electrical failure which is often an occurrence with other models on the market.

As an industry leading manufacturer RLF Alternators developed features specific for the refrigerated transport industry, and they include a unique bearing cassette which enables the main bearing to be changed in situ quickly and easily; without removing the alternator from the generator set.

Another additional feature was the high quality marine grade coating applied to the stator winding to ensure the alternator could withstand the rigors of extreme heat and icy cold conditions.

Eric Breddels, Director, Genmark BV said “these uniquely designed RLF alternators have been integrated across the Genmark product range. RLF alternators feature no electronics, which eliminates the risk of electrical failure, uses less fuel providing a massive cost saving to our customer. Eric went onto say “Genmark now has a solid point of difference in the market with RLF alternators integrated in our generator sets”.

These durable Genmark generator sets are smaller in size and weight therefore easy to move around, easy to service and extremely fuel efficient with savings up to 20% when using the by-pass function. This by-pass feature allows the Genmark generator set to run without electronics, thanks to the inbuilt RLF alternator.

The Genmark Clip-On generator set solutions are designed to keep the fuel consumption low and the performance high. With low fuel consumption, the fuel tank is smaller and therefore the Genset is lighter in weight. It also features standard pin mount system with clamp mounting option guaranteeing fast assembly.

The Genmark Undermount range is designed to keep the weight low and high performing. With adjustable mounting beams, makes it possible to fit the unit in the best possible position on your chassis.

Finally, the unique Genmark Modular product suite can fit almost any chassis and will often fit chassis locations where other standard generators will not fit. It has low weight and soundproof.

With the assurance of RFL permanent magnet alternators inbuilt in every Genset, Genmark continues to deliver leading edge solutions, which are unique to the transport industry.



We are extremely excited about the opportunities the refrigerated transport segment continues to offer. The technical requirements needed, RFL can ideally match and Genmark is a well-connected organisation with a deep understanding of customer requirements and the reefer industry. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.” say Jason Clegg, Managing Director, RLF Alternators.

“The RFL alternator range has helped us to develop a durable generator set for the transport market which is unique in its kind. We offer an efficient solution which operates without electronics, uses less fuel while providing more power.” says Eric Breddels, Director, Genmark BV.


Modular Generator Set

modular set

Genmark Modular generator set with can fit almost any chassis and features inbuilt RF4 permanent magnet alternator with ground breaking magnetic flux technology.


Clip on Generator Set

clip on generator

Clip-on Genmark generator set with 400 litre fuel capacity with inbuilt RF4 permanent magnet alternator with ground breaking magnetic flux technology.


Undermount Generator Set

undermount generator


Genmark Undermount generator set can be fitted in best possible chassis possible and includes the inbuilt RF4 permanent magnet alternator with ground breaking magnetic flux technology.

RFL teams up with Eniquest

Eniquest Case Study – “Compact, rugged and highly efficient generator sets”

Eniquest is an Australian leading manufacturing company that specialise in remote area power and independent energy solutions.  They provide quality, cost effective, reliable power production equipment for a variety of industries and applications.

The company is innovative and keen to adopt new efficient and environmentally responsible technologies and techniques for power production. Their systems use highly efficient technology providing a DC base with an AC inverter, and use technology that is widely recognised as the most efficient and safe way to produce and store electricity.  Eniquest have developed products that integrate with renewable energy devices to keep fuel usage to a minimum.

Eniquest has been providing reliable power distribution, providing DC Generators, AC Generators and Auxiliary Power Units to the Australian Military for over 10 years.  The relationship built with the Australian Military demonstrates Eniquest’s recognition of the need for reliable, compact and light weight power generation products. They have gained a reputation for providing power solutions that can perform efficiently and reliably in the harshest conditions.

Eniquest uses innovative power production technology to meet the ever growing industry challenges of today. Like Eniquest, RFL Alternators understand the evolving requirements of industry today and in the future and work to provide machinery that is more fuel efficient, more reliable and more innovative than currently available



RFL Alternators is a world class manufacturer of high quality permanent magnet RF2 AC2 pole series alternators which feature the powerful Magnetic Flux technology embedded in the permanent magnetic design.  The alternator is lighter in weight, has a 40% smaller footprint and is 92% more efficient than traditional wound rotor machinery.


The challenge

To further service the evolving needs and challenges faced by the Australian Military, Eniquest needed to source a highly efficient, robust and compact alternator to use in the manufacture of generator sets for military applications.


The solution

The highly efficient and compact design of the RFL alternator allowed the total generator set package Eniquest would provide to be much be smaller both in terms of size and weight.

The novel design and lack of any electronic components met the Military’s criteria for durability and the RFL Alternator is inherently compliant with MIL-STD-461 or electronic magnetic compatibility.

These qualities allowed Eniquest to service the Australian Military with technologically advanced 8kW and 16kW generator sets that meet their criteria for lower cost, low fuel consumption and superior reliability both today and in the future.

In collaboration Eniquest and RFL Alternators make a well matched team – utilising RFL’s lighter more efficient and rugged technology Eniquest would be able to provide the Australian Military with a superior, highly efficient and tough generator set to meet it’s ever growing needs.Eniquest workshop


Reliable mobile power – anywhere anytime


“Part of the design for the mobile Makinex Generator sets required sourcing the right light weight components which were robust, reliant and had the grunt when needed. RFL Alternators worked closely with Makinex to provide technical guidance and expertise and continues to be valuable partner to the business”, says Rory Kennard, Managing Director of Makinex.


Generator sets need to tackle head on the demands of dusty worksites, harsh environmental conditions, remote locations, restricted access and handle varying output requirements anywhere at any time. This is a tough ask and demand is growing as smart thinking tradespeople and contractors are being rewarded by utilising efficient processes and equipment, which save them both time and money.

Makinex is an industry leading expert in designing and developing innovative product solutions for the construction, landscaping, equipment hire, and infrastructure industries. Working closely with local and National businesses Makinex creates unique, innovative and practical product solutions that provide contractors and tradespeople with a better way to do their jobs to save time, physical effort and money.


The situation/challenge

A reliable power source to equipment and tools is daily critical and flexibility is needed to a wide range of applications; whether it be lighting, appliances, tools, air conditioners, welders or brick saws and a generator set needs to be demand ready.  Even moving equipment on and off vehicles, OHS manual handling guidelines must be adhered to and weight becomes a major consideration when selecting the right generator set.

Makinex understood these challenges and set about designing a portable generator range which was lightweight, easy to move around, reliable and efficient to run. The current market had models which often encountered electronic failure and were not portable.

Part of the design required sourcing the right light weight components which were robust, reliant and had the grunt when needed. RFL Alternators specialises in and is well-known for its expertise in guiding and providing cost benefit ground-breaking alternator solutions, and subsequently Makinex and RLF Alternators teamed up.


The outcome/solution

RFL Alternators, a world class manufacturer of high quality permanent magnet RF2 AC 2 pole series alternators which features the powerful Magnetic Flux technology embedded in the permanent magnetic design. Rather than the traditional wound rotor with permanent magnet end, this new design allows the length of the rotor to reduce significantly. Consequently, the alternator is lighter in weight, has a 40% smaller footprint and 92% more efficient, providing Makinex the ideal component to be integrated into their new compact petrol and diesel 7 – 16 kVa generator set range.

Jason Clegg, Managing Director RFL says “the new permanent magnet alternators use strong rare earth Neodymium magnets, the most powerful commercial type of magnet available today, and with no electronics we see no failures. We will proudly continue to partner with Makinex to assist them in expanding their state-of-the-art portable generator range”.

The petrol driven 7kVa, 10kVA and 16kVA and 9kVa diesel Makinex generator set range was designed with high quality components such as a petrol or diesel engine, alternator and power outlets to make up the generators and are fixed within a heavy duty, but lightweight galvanized steel frame to enable the unit to easily be moved around. Featuring, single and 3 phase outlet capability; 15% more engine efficiency; along with the ability to provide either 240V single phase or 415V three phase power, as well as meeting industry safety standard regulations, you can feel confident your equipment will feel the power.

“The smart portable generator range is more versatile than ever, with the ability to join and synchronise generator sets to give more power when needed says Rory Kennard, Managing Director of Makinex. This is due to the high performing RFL alternator which uses an integrated basic phase matching control mechanism”.

The market now has a performance driven generator set solution, which is unsurpassed in both reliability and quality with capabilities to withstand harsh workplace environments.


Makinex Generator 10kVA set fitted with an RFL RF2-12.5 alternator- model powering two compressors simultaneously. The RFL Alternator uses ground-breaking Magnetic Flux technology and enables a powerful compact design.


Makinex generator 10kVA

Two Makinex Generator 10kVA sets operating in parallel to power a three phase concrete polisher. RFL Alternator incorporated in the design using ground-breaking Magnetic Flux technology.


Makinex generator 10kVA



Makinex Generator Set – Petrol driven 7kVa, 10kVA and 16kVA and 9kVa diesel range – RFL Alternator incorporated in design using ground-breaking Magnetic Flux technology.


Makinex generator set



Case Studies

RFL Alternator versus Kubota Alternator

A comparison on the Kubota D722 Diesel Engine (Kubota GL9000 GenSet)