Kubota GL Series Refit by RFL Alternators & Macfarlane Generators

The objective of the case study is to highlight the advantages of RFL Alternators against the Sawafuji alternators – factory fitted in Kubota GL series generators (http://www.kubota.com.au/products/power-equipment/generators/gl-series/). The tests conducted has been shared with users to understand the benefits of the Refit kit currently provided by RFL alternators in partnership with Macfarlane Generators, Melbourne (https://www.macfarlanegenerators.com.au/products/c510/rfl-alternators). […]

Focus Industry – Refrigerated Transport

Based in Sydney Australia, RFL Alternators Pty Ltd is a world class manufacturer of high quality permanent magnet alternators for the power generation industry. With over 25 years of investment into research and development, RFL prides itself in continuing to develop new and efficient cutting-edge technologies and products which are at industry’s forefront, and manufactures […]

RFL teams up with Eniquest – the result: compact, rugged and highly efficient generator sets

Eniquest Case Study – “Compact, rugged and highly efficient generator sets” Eniquest is an Australian leading manufacturing company that specialise in remote area power and independent energy solutions.  They provide quality, cost effective, reliable power production equipment for a variety of industries and applications. The company is innovative and keen to adopt new efficient and […]

Case Studies

RFL Alternator versus Leroy Somer Alternator

A comparison on the Perkins PK404D-22 Diesel Engine (Tecnogen PK23T/4SX GenSet)

Case Studies

RFL Alternator versus Kubota Alternator

A comparison on the Kubota D722 Diesel Engine (Kubota GL9000 GenSet)

Case Studies

RFL Alternator versus Stamford Alternator

A comparison on the Yanmar 4TNV88 Diesel Engine (Himoinsa HYW-17 Gen-Set).  

Case Studies


Generator sets need to tackle the demands of dusty worksites, harsh environmental conditions, remote locations, restricted access and have the capabilities to handle varying output requirements anywhere at any time. This is a tough ask and demand is growing as smart thinking tradespeople and contractors are being rewarded by utilising efficient processes and equipment, which […]

Case Studies


No need to compromise, more power using less fuel When transporting perishable goods over land or sea, keeping the refrigeration unit operating at an optimal temperature to preserve the quality of perishable products across the supply chain, is vital. Failing to do so, will result in degradation and microbial growth increasing the risk of cross-border […]