Based in Sydney Australia, RFL Alternators Pty Ltd is a world class manufacturer of high quality permanent magnet alternators for the power generation industry. With over 25 years of investment into research and development, RFL prides itself in continuing to develop new and efficient cutting-edge technologies and products which are at industry’s forefront, and manufactures […]

RFL Alternators Pty Ltd., has 25 years of research in the power generation industry backing its core strengths of innovation and energy conversion to produce world class patented products which are at the cutting edge of Technology today. Telecom sector and DC Generators The Focus of this blog is on the changing dynamics of doing […]

Renewable energy production and use has grown at an overwhelming rate – the acceptance and uptake of this technology has been greater than anticipated with countries continuing to set target dates for converting to 100% renewable energy [1]. At least 30 countries generate more than 20% of their energy from renewables, and 120 countries have […]

By the end of 2015, 23.7% of energy was delivered from renewable sources with 3.7% of the total worldwide electricity supplied by wind energy, which is growing at a rapid rate of 17% per annum [1]. Since 2011, the cost of wind generating infrastructure has fallen by 10%, making wind energy 14% cheaper than new […]

The array of electrically powered systems used in the military has expanded beyond anticipation over the past decade and is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate. Unfortunately, deployed power systems have not been upgraded to meet power requirements.  The Army has an extremely rapid, mobile, spontaneous and agile deployment, making its power solution requirements […]

European legislation to phase out vehicles equipped with the internal combustion engine has led to a shift in the market – making way for Electric Vehicle technology to be embraced. Permanent Magnet BLDC drives have been identified as the most promising technology to provide the attributes required for modern Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Awareness […]

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For efficiency and maximum performance 3 phase alternators are the most common alternators on the market, however due to the very nature of the design they are required to work at a balanced load. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible and unrealistic to run 3 perfectly balanced loads. Any variation on any of the loads will […]

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The world is becoming more reliant on electrical power. Electrical power is required for a primary source of energy, back-up systems, military deployment and disaster relief. As technology increases the power demand grows, and systems can-not afford to go offline. This drives the requirement to have larger and more reliable generators. Larger generators become unpractical […]

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Abstract —Portable AC generators directly driving isolated AC loads require tight voltage regulation, good voltage waveform quality and high efficiency. This paper studies the performance of a 4 pole, 16 kW interior permanent-magnet generator under balanced 3ph and unbalanced 1ph resistive loading conditions. For the unbalanced 1ph condition, the use of star and delta winding connections […]

RFL alternators

Summary Small (kW range) portable AC generating units are used to drive isolated AC loads and normally consist of a diesel or petrol prime mover and a wound-field synchronous generator.