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Unbalanced Loads

For efficiency and maximum performance 3 phase alternators are the most common alternators on the market, however due to the very nature of the design they are required to work at a balanced load. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible and unrealistic to run 3 perfectly balanced loads. Any variation on any of the loads will […]

Generator Paralleling

The world is becoming more reliant on electrical power. Electrical power is required for a primary source of energy, back-up systems, military deployment and disaster relief. As technology increases the power demand grows, and systems can-not afford to go offline. This drives the requirement to have larger and more reliable generators. Larger generators become unpractical […]

Unbalanced Loading Behaviour

Abstract —Portable AC generators directly driving isolated AC loads require tight voltage regulation, good voltage waveform quality and high efficiency. This paper studies the performance of a 4 pole, 16 kW interior permanent-magnet generator under balanced 3ph and unbalanced 1ph resistive loading conditions. For the unbalanced 1ph condition, the use of star and delta winding connections […]